Bielener Kirchbauverein e.V.


A town without a church is like a face without a nose!


When approaching the city of Nordhausen from the East, already from a distance will you  notice a bell tower which rises distintivly above the town of Bielen. It is 36 meters (118 ft) tall and belongs to the lutheran St. Martin- und Johannes Church of Bielen.


All activities of our non-profit organization are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of our church, since it has been completely neglected and left to decay after two world wars and during the 40 years that passed before Germany's reunification.

Our organization shares the vision of preserving this historical building, preventing any further decay and restoring it, so our church can eventually be fully integrated into communal and congregational life. 


We hope to welcome even more supporters and friends enabling us to tackle the projects still left to completion.


We would like to thank all our sponsors and friends! Only because of your effort and support was it possible to accomplish so much in the last years.