our church




Axis:                   East-West:


Church:              lenght:              33m          108.3ft


    width:               13m          42.7ft


    height:              14m          46ft


    base area:        406m2       486 sqare yard  

Tower:                lenght:               7m             23ft


                            width:                9,6m          31.5ft


                            height :              36m          118ft





  Lutheran St. Martin und Johannes Church
  (Description from Dehio 1998)



Aisleless church with retracted early gothic altar room and square tower with
bulbous cupola, built 1662 from quarry stone. In the eastern wall of the altar room three windows with column. Easteern past of the church 1787 partly new, now with gothic stucco around windows. In altar room and ground floor of bell tower: ogival groined vault ceiling, in nave barrel-shaped roof, overall extremly poor condition.

Late gothic winged altar, in the middle shrine Maria with Baby Jesus and eight saints, in the altar wings apostles.

First mentioning (documented): 1158