an historic overview




The oldest mentioning of our St. Martin und Johannes church appears on a document from Walkenried dated 11 November 1231.

The early-gothic altar room and its ogival groined vault ceiling indicates it being built in the 13th century.

Until the 14th century the altar choir room is said to have been a chapel of Virgin Mary, ministered by the convent Himmelgarten.

During the 15th century the nave and the bell tower were added (1430-1500), also when the late-gothic winged altar was built and put up.

Since the early 15th century Bielen is mentioned as independent parish.


In the years 1495 and 1506, Biela (Bielen) has a pastor and a vicar (Ludwig Osterroth).


In 1662 the pipe organ was installed.


In 1670 the chuch was equipped with a bell with the inscription: "Verbum Domini Manet In Aeternum" (The word of God spreads through eternity).