Future Projects


Our organization "Bielener Kirchbauverein e.V." campaigns for the further restoration of the church in the the town of Bielen.

Although we have accomplished a lot, there are still many more important projects to be realized to preserve this historical building, to prevent any further decay and so our church can eventually be fully integrated into communal and congregational life.


It is for these reasons that we have to tackle the following projects within the next years:

-          Plastering inside the nave

-          Restoring the pulpit

-          more woodworking on the galleries (moisture damage)

-          cleaning and restoring the painted outside of the galleries

-          reconstruction of southern and northern church walls

-          restauration of bell tower, inside and outside

-          restauration of 15th century metal bell tower door

-          renovation of clock work

Finally, we don't want to lose sight of the restauration of our pipe organ, even though this seems unachievable at the moment.


How  can you help?


1. Support us with financial donations

2. Become a member in our organization

3. Help us with your manpower (or women power)